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  7. State Street Global Advisors
  8. Week 2
  9. Lack of data hinders water impact measurement
  10. Profile: Jane Burston is fighting a killer
  11. G7 impact taskforce calls for more blended finance opportunities
  12. Asset managers view loss of biodiversity as a systemic risk
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  14. Week 1
  15. Katherine Lucey is chasing away the dark, one 'solar sister' at a time
  16. Funds back climate-friendly electricity in rural Africa
  17. 200 financials join forces in carbon accounting
  18. Lisa Hehenberger on ‘gratefulness’ in the impact journey
  19. ‘The Business of Less’ by Roland Geyer
  20. Week 51
  21. Why impact investors must join the diversity battle
  22. EIF: A closer look at impact investing’s quiet achiever
  23. Uli Grabenwarter: ‘Response to societal needs has to become a major value driver’
  24. ‘Impact - Reshaping capitalism to drive real change’ by Ronald Cohen
  25. InnovationQuarter expands its IQCapital fund by €63.6mn
  26. Week 50
  27. Photosynthesis and gravity are all you need to make an impact
  28. The Social Handshake: making giving easy
  29. Why investors are increasingly betting on greening the maritime fleet
  30. Leading development banks take steps towards harmonised impact measurement
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  32. Week 49
  33. Why Gresham House is betting the farm on growing plants indoors
  34. Despite delays EU sustainable finance legislation begins to shape the market
  35. Place-based impact investing ‘benefits both banks and regions’
  36. Scaling up clean cooking for the ‘forgotten 2.6 billion’
  37. Swiss blended finance initiative aims to tap local investors
  38. Week 48
  39. Under a new name, UK development bank prioritises clean infrastructure investments
  40. New Oikocredit MD: we need to include community resilience in our strategy
  41. Macquarie: The energy transition is changing infrastructure investment
  42. UN agency seeks impact partners with ‘risk appetite’
  43. Detailhandel launches SDG benchmark for credit portfolio
  44. Week 47
  45. Rabo Carbon Bank CEO: ‘Strong surge in demand for high-quality carbon credits’
  46. Oikocredit appoints new MD to navigate post-Covid recovery
  47. The Church of England makes first moves in social impact investing through funds
  48. Sofinnova Partners raises €150mn for environmental impact biotech fund
  49. ‘Principles of sustainable finance’ by Dirk Schoenmaker and Willem Schramade
  50. Week 46
  51. A new lease on life for debt-for-nature swaps?
  52. CFM announces first close of its second climate fund at $675mn
  53. CEO of BlueOrchard Finance makes a strong case for impact investing in infrastructure
  54. Friends of the Earth may target banks after milestone victory against Shell
  55. ‘High-quality carbon credits can help companies increase their climate ambition’
  56. Week 45
  57. Aqua-Spark buys stake in ‘undervalued’ Norwegian biotech company
  58. British financier Katherine Garrett-Cox: ‘No data, no evidence, no urgency’
  59. Energy transition pioneer Kevin Chin: green hydrogen will power the future
  60. Sustainability professor Karen Maas on the snowball effect of impact investing
  61. COP26 first week: From ‘last chance saloon’ to three major deals
  62. Week 44
  63. CDC Climate Strategy director: Focus on nature to build climate resilience
  64. Can voluntary carbon markets help secure net-zero?
  65. 'Keep it simple and familiar to convince institutional investors on blended finance'
  66. EU funding mechanism offer investors opportunity to scale up
  67. Reimagining Financial Inclusion – tackling the flaws of our formal financial system by Erlijn Sie
  68. Week 43
  69. Quant manager V-Square: not a lack of, but too much data is often the issue
  70. Social enterprise sector hoping European Commission opens its wallet to boost the ecosystem
  71. 'A lot of researchers have never set foot in a venture capital firm'
  72. Dealroom report: Energy, transport and food attract most impact investments
  73. Icarus – the Life and Death of the Abraaj Group
  74. Week 42
  75. New Rubio fund to deepen its spread from seed to later stages
  76. Meka Brunel – the woman leading the green revolution in real estate
  77. 'Carbon markets are not the silver bullet’
  78. Gates Foundation and partners launch Digital Agri Hub
  79. 'Never wear pink when pitching to investors'
  80. Week 41
  81. Stephen Brenninkmeijer talks COP26, impact investing and faith
  82. Impact investing in Benelux ‘in hockey stick phase’
  83. Founding Managing Director NAB: ‘I want to create impact at scale’
  84. Waste warriors lay out a battle plan
  85. Borski: Female venture capitalists are key to female innovation
  86. Week 40
  87. Invest International: ‘Dutch solutions for global challenges’
  88. Women who run 'nice' companies are better off with investors
  89. Can we remind you of something?
  90. Impact bond market grows despite lack of hard evidence
  91. Impact bonds bring new investors to the table
  92. ‘Small impact funds set for wave of consolidation’
  93. Week 39
  94. Energy Entrepreneurs Growth Fund announces first three off-grid solar energy investments in Africa
  95. P4G provides catalytic capital to kickstart good ideas
  96. Pushing biodiversity up the corporate and investor agenda
  97. Fighting inequality in fashion, one tip at a time
  98. Water-related investments: thinking beyond blue bonds
  99. week-38
  100. Calvert Impact Capital looks to take its model beyond the States
  101. Actiam launches €100mn microfinance fund for retail investors
  102. Can we ask you something?
  103. ‘Invest in the good, short the bad to bring about change’
  104. Digital due diligence post-Covid: ‘The pandemic changed everything’
  105. Getting support for off-grid energy to where it’s needed
  106. Week 37
  107. €3mn impact investment in platform for vintage designer fashion
  108. New CEO of German Development Bank DEG sets out his stall
  109. Silverstreet Capital achieves attractive returns fixing African agricultural value chains
  110. The Currency Exchange Fund: hedging plays key role in developing local financial markets
  111. Report: Investors pressure steel companies to turn green
  112. Week 36
  113. Microfinance banks aim to fill mobile money gap
  114. One AI impact company’s pursuit of proof
  115. Impact is in the eye of the beholder, but it can still be real
  116. Innovative financing deal for solar mini-grid powers rural Nigeria
  117. 'Any future investment in fossil fuel extraction is doomed to fail'
  118. Week 35
  119. Cash-strapped off-grid solar companies look to institutions for Covid support
  120. Pymwymic’s Healthy Food Systems Impact Fund II makes first investment
  121. Nordic Green Bank seeking private investors for green portfolio
  122. Gelion: re-engineered batteries the solution for green energy
  123. Green Swans: the Coming Boom in Regenerative Capitalism
  124. Week 34
  125. When steel turns green it finally gets interesting to investors
  126. The &Green Fund: large-scale impact by investing in drivers of deforestation
  127. Impact measurement is a ‘work in progress’
  128. Fund manager turned impact investor Rob Appleby on the green revolution
  129. 'The climate emergency is the real pandemic'
  130. Week 33
  131. 'Glossy impact reports just state: look how hard we tried'
  132. Can Acre's 'Big Idea' close the African infra finance gap?
  133. How to combine impact with profit when speeding up the internet
  134. Covid made the EBRD less hierarchical and more local
  135. Why backing women entrepreneurs to tackle poverty makes economic sense
  136. Week 32
  137. FMO and Rabobank invest €20mn in €100mn IDH Farmfit Fund
  138. IFC market report: Covid boosted impact investment in 2020
  139. KBI Global Investors sees investment opportunities in biodiversity and circular economy
  140. ‘Covid a missed opportunity for financial sector’
  141. The Global Handbook of Impact Investing
  142. Week 31
  143. New venture capital fund targets firms with revolutionary ambitions
  144. Insurer Parhelion set to insure the energy transition
  145. How to take (some of) the stress out of impact investing in frontier markets
  146. Thinking local to plug the funding gap
  147. ‘I’ve become more of a people person’
  148. Week 30
  149. New fund aims to back UK university social ventures through early phase
  150. BNP Paribas' Sustainability Head: Investors should push for tougher climate laws
  151. Development banks look to Scandinavia's innovative social bond
  152. Green German wants to re-define finance: 'What is yield, actually?'
  153. ‘Together we can really bring about change’
  154. Week 29
  155. Dutch investment fund takes up the fight against fast fashion
  156. Six key questions about the UN Climate Change Conference COP26
  157. ‘Climate change is the greatest opportunity in my lifetime as an investor’
  158. BlackRock raises $250mn for blended finance climate fund
  159. ‘Pandemic has given philanthropy sector new energy’
  160. Upcoming events
  161. Week 28
  162. All hands on deck to boost investments in nature-based solutions
  163. The dynamo at the centre of the fight for gender equality
  164. Confidence grows in blended finance structures
  165. New EU focus on social outcome contracts
  166. Large real estate investors flocking into social housing in the UK
  167. Week 27
  168. Ikea Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation’s billion-dollar offering to de-risk renewable energy funding
  169. Applying for B Corp certification takes ‘serious grit’
  170. Dutch province launches ambitious outcomes fund
  171. Making Money Moral – How a new wave of visionaries is linking purpose and profit
  172. Covid has made the world smaller despite the lockdowns
  173. Week 26
  174. New EU sustainable finance strategy to set the terms for impact investing in coming years
  175. ‘Impact investing in cities can tackle climate change and social inequality’
  176. Nasdaq launches new ESG/Impact platform with seven data specialists
  177. WWF assesses tools to measure investment portfolio impact on biodiversity
  178. ‘One day, all core business decisions will require climate intelligence’
  179. Week 25
  180. CEO Big Society Capital committed to ‘pushing frontiers of impact investing’
  181. ‘Covid has fundamentally changed fundraising practices’
  182. Schroders and BlueOrchard launch climate bond fund
  183. Crowdfunding platforms signal trends in the market for impact investing
  184. Circularity needs to be an ‘opportunity, not a green squeeze'
  185. Week 24
  186. ‘European investors more focused on climate than gender issues’
  187. ‘We cannot solve problems of today using old metrics’
  188. Norrsken Foundation wants to create entrepreneur role models
  189. New taskforce throws spotlight on nature-related risks for investors
  190. Upcoming events
  191. Week 23
  192. "We have a real opportunity to make impact investing the standard”
  193. FMO’s Nasira programme seeks to reach underserved entrepreneurs
  194. For VC fund 4impact much more is at stake than money
  195. European investors flock to CBRE’s Affordable Housing Fund
  196. Philanthropists: Institutional investors + crowdfunding = impact
  197. Week 22
  198. Dutch Central Bank calls for clearer lead from government in scaling up climate investments
  199. Mainstream capital ready to deploy into social housing
  200. Guaranteed satisfaction for off-grid solar investors?
  201. Risk management in African agriculture: 'A neutral response is already suspicious'
  202. Valuing Nature – A Handbook for Impact Investing
  203. week-21
  204. Are we witnessing the end of waste?
  205. CDC Group committed to staying Africa’s biggest investor
  206. Investing as a ‘theory of change’
  207. A new capitalism? "A lot of entrepreneurs ask others for money way too easily"
  208. Mix of grants and convertibles helps Makers Unite move forward
  209. Week 20
  210. Future Food Fund mulling launch of second food and agtech fund
  211. Real estate investor partners with charities to offer secure homes for women
  212. APG SDI platform to help map impact investments
  213. Future Food Fund: finding the next big agtech disruptor
  214. Week 19
  215. Impax Asset Management demonstrates the case for investing in sustainable companies
  216. Goodwell Investments launches €50mn African SME fund
  217. CrowdAboutNow: Impact more important than profit to investors
  218. ‘There are lots of social issues that cannot be solved by public money’
  219. Week 18
  220. Past the hype: helping investors weigh up their AI position
  221. Expert view: 'Take one step at the time and start from strength'
  222. AI investing… it’s a private ‘and’ public affair
  223. AI can help impact investors
  224. Delayed fund launches to hit the market this year
  225. Week 17
  226. The ESG job market is heating up
  227. African commodities exchange empowering smallholder farmers is scaling up
  228. 'Measuring impact is now more important than ever'
  229. Cultural organisations 'uniquely placed to achieve social change'
  230. New EU climate law likely to help green investments – but only in the long run
  231. Week 16
  232. Impact investing in times of covid: 'The first ten minutes were a shock'
  233. Solar Aviator’s Flight of Fancy Comes of Age
  234. 'The higher the impact, the higher investors’ return on investment'
  235. The EU wants us to invest more in Africa - here's how
  236. Week 15
  237. It’s never too late to make an impact
  238. Investing in affordable homes to act on Europe’s housing crisis
  239. Dutch National Growth Fund invests €73mn in hydrogen
  240. Expert view: You need a strong local network to invest in Africa
  241. A growing number of European foundations venture into investing
  242. Week 14
  243. Global pandemic strengthening public support for impact investing
  244. Urgent need to unlock local financing for African off-grid sector through guarantee and first-loss provisions
  245. ‘Standardisation of SDGs is not a silver bullet’
  246. ‘Faking impact is getting easier’
  247. Pension fund champions female empowerment and 'can't engage in everything'
  248. Week 13
  249. Investor appetite for off-grid solar investments in Africa remains robust
  250. Church of England to focus more on its social impact
  251. Four reasons why a B Corp certification adds value for investors
  252. Social Enterprise NL: Benefit company fundamentally different from B Corp
  253. Investors strengthen local networks and embrace new technology in times of Covid
  254. Week 12
  255. Insect producer Protix attracts €15.5M to prepare for international expansion
  256. Expert view: 'Interesting is the worst you can hear'
  257. European guarantee to boost innovation
  258. Insects are a growing market for impact investors
  259. The Skeptic: Will a responsible investor shake up Exxon Mobil?